Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gluten FREE

Hello everyone, I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written, but life as a mom is always busy.

A few months back my 1 year old daughter Sasha was having severe diarrhea. After taking her to the doctor numerous times, and them switching her milk to everything from Lactaid, to rice milk, to soy, the diarrhea did not stop! I started getting very much concerned and her Pediatrician decided to send us to a Gastrologist. That Dr. suggested we put her on a Gluten free diet. No more bread, noodles, wheat, barley, rye, or anything that we normally feed her. Including her snacks such as gold fish crackers, animal crackers, cheerios, and worst of all pizza! Within 3 days, her stool was back to normal, and I noticed a big difference in her mood. She was much happier!

It has been no easy task that’s for sure! I bought a few cook books, and a Baby Bullet to help make food, but have found I don’t have the extra time during the day to make meals from scratch. I have to learn to bake my own breads, and make pastas! It’s so much work and not to mention very very expensive.
I now have to shop in the organic section, and have to have special notes for the day care. She loves pizza, so when they serve it at her day care once in a while, I can’t bare to make her watch the other kids eat it, so I just deal with the extra slimy poop so she can enjoy food once in a while! Although she enjoys food no matter what I give her so that’s a plus.

Ok have I grossed you out yet? As a mother who has two kids, two dogs, (one of which is a new pug puppy that we got for Christmas), a part time job, and a husband, where do I fit in time to make special meals?

Well today I actually got a little free time. Both girls are napping, and I left the laundry piled up on the floor so I could watch a movie! I watched Julie and Julia! Awesome movie by the way, and it inspired me! Yes, it inspired me to do my own challenge (as long as I can fund it)! I would like to make all the recipes in two of the Gluten free cook books I bought!

Why not, it will be fun, I like to cook, and I’ll have food for my daughter instead of trying to figure out what to make last minute. Start date TBD

Please send me any recipes you may have, as well as any notes on how to get through a gluten free life, since almost everything has traces of wheat in it somewhere!