Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Pregnant!!!!!

Johnny & I have been trying to conceive for a while now. Even though I missed my period I did not think I was pregnant, because I have taken so many pregnancy test in the last year that come out negative. However today we went to the DR and it's official, I am pregnant. We could not be more excited. This is baby number two, and I know Keira will make an awesome big sister. I am taking it easy this time, because as you know my last pregnancy miscarried. I am thinking positive and leaving it in God's hands.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interesting Blog from Beth about Kissing

Can Kissing Help You Conceive?

According to an article in Conceive Magazine, "some serious kissing not only can improve your physical health but also your mental state of being, which could translate to possibly having an easier time at conception in the long run."

Most couples know that stress can be harmful to fertility, but what they may not know is that kissing may help to relieve stress among couples. Research has shown that infertile couples have a higher level of anxiety and depression, and that emotional distress is associated with difficulty in conceiving.

The good news is that kissing is an all-natural stress reliever which can help. It's been suggested that relaxing and cuddling, especialy with intimacy can improve fertility. It seems a kiss on the lips can actually trigger a rush of chemicals to be released by the brain which are known as "feel good" chemicals (dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine).

Kissing seems to have some general health benefits as well. It can relieve headaches, lower blood pressure, make skin glow and helps to put you in a state of contentment.

So, not only can kissing help to improve your physical health, but it can help to improve your state of mind which may in turn help you to get pregnant more easily.

And let's not forget, it's fun!!

Posted by Beth at 7:12 AM

Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Pregnant after a D&C!

I am so frustrated today, because my husband and I have been trying to conceive our second child for over a year now with no luck. I really thought I was pregnant, because I got a weird sensation a few weeks ago. I woke up this morning ready to take a pregnancy test, and got my period instead! We have a 2 year old daughter, who will be turning 3 in Jan. With her, we were not really trying (meaning I was not tracking ovulation or anything) and we got pregnant right away. When she was 1 year old, we decided to try again for another baby. Both I and my husband are only children, and we absolutely hated growing up alone. Neither of us wants that for Keira. After a few months of trying I got pregnant. I was about 11 weeks when we went to get our 1st sonogram, only to find out the baby had no heart beat. Needless to say I had to go to the hospital and have a D&C done. We both were heartbroken. After 8 months passed I felt it was important for Keira to have a sibling despite the pain I suffered, so we began trying again. To our dismay we are still trying. I feel we are doing everything right and I track my periods every month. I began to get a little depressed because I missed the feeling of being pregnant and the joy it brought. Not only that, but Keira is not a baby anymore and I really miss having a baby in the house. It did not seem so hard the first 2 times, why I wonder, is it now? My prediction is that maybe during the D&C I got some scaring, which could cause the baby to not be able to attach. Secondly, I find myself thinking that maybe it’s just not the right time. God does have a perfect time for everything, and when it’s meant to happen it will right? I have done numerous hours of research to find some reason why this time around is so much more difficult. Having no insurance means I cannot just go have myself checked out anytime I want, so I have to figure things out on my own. Today I took the next step and went to the store to buy an Ovulation test kit. I have no clue how it works or if it will even help, but I am willing to try anything at this point. Has anyone else ever gone through this after a D&C? Leave me some comments.

Friday, August 14, 2009


My daughter is 2 years old, and turning 3 in a matter of months. I sit here watching videos of her from an infant, and I am so amazed to see how much she has changed. She is my pride and joy and I am so in love with my little girl. Motherhood is a wonderful gift to treasure.
Now tell me how to keep her from growing.
HA HA :)!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Short children's poem I wrote


I love my room, I can pretend I’m on the moon.
I can jump off the bed and land on a Martians head.
I can flip off the chair & fly through the air.
When I look in the mirror I can see a beautiful deer.
When I go in my closet I am really in a magic faucet.
I slide down the drain into a Mermaids mane & watch her swim while she sings a hymn.
While I lay on the floor I‘m listening to a lion roar.
In the jungle I go, watching the fire flies glow.
Swinging from the trees and feeling the nice warm breeze.
In my room I can be anything I want to be, just watch and see.
You can come join me!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


My daughter is two years old and I still have my baby weight. I’ve tried diets but the truth is, I just can’t stick with them. Finally after having to go out yet again, to buy bigger clothes I decided NO MORE!
I am tired of being heavy and I hate the way I look. It’s never going to change unless I change it so… Here I go. I am bond and determined to lose weight. I am not changing my diet per say. I am however trying to eat less. I am getting up early every morning to do thirty minutes of exercise or jogging, and taking multi vitamins.
Who wants to join me on my quest? It’s always more fun when you have people to support each other. Become a follower and leave me a comment. Let’s do this together.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mary Kay Products

When I thought of Mary Kay products, I always thought of it as my mothers or grandmothers make up. However I recently started using some products and I have to tell you that I have changed my tune. I have very dry skin so, when I put on foundation my skin would burn and feel flaky. After trying Mary Kay’s medium coverage foundation I was pleasantly surprised to find I did not have that problem. My skin looked smooth and it honestly did not feel like I had anything on. Some products make your face feel heavy but Mary Kay was very light and it looked great. Needless to say I had to try more so I bought an entire face kit. That included a case to hold eye shadow, cheek color, lip stick. Lip gloss, eye liner and lip liner. Let me just say, I don’t know how I ever did without it. The lip stick is so light & creamy and the colors enhance my lips. The eye shadow combinations complement each other so well and my favorite is Safari Sunset. It’s a yellow & brown and I wear it everywhere because it matches everything. I love the products so much that I decided to become an independent beauty consultant with them and sell the products to others. If you are wondering how that went contact me & I will give you an over view of what I made and how I felt about the whole experience. If I get enough questions, I will write a blog about what it was like to work for Mary Kay. Needless to say I still love Mary Kay products and use them daily. I even used them on Halloween to be a vampire; I could not believe how great the makeup looked.
My favorite products so far are the bronzer that I use after I am done making my face. It gives me a warm glow, like I just got a tan. I love the eye primer because when I used to work outside, I would sweat so much. The eye primer made it so my eye shadow stayed on all day. My third favorite is the oil free eye makeup remover. It takes off my eye shadow and mascara with no mess and very quickly. I love that stuff. Now I love a lot of other products by Mary Kay but those are my top three favorites that I cannot live without. If you have not had a free facial from a Mary Kay beauty consultant I would recommend it. Once you try some of the skin care products I know you will be fan. They work great and really make your skin look & feel better. I just wonder why it took me so long to try it.
I am a hard core Mary Kay user for life! Contact me for any Mary Kay questions or discounted products. Here is the main web site so feel free to check them out.

Postpartum Depression

Having a baby is the most exciting, and wonderful thing that could ever happen to a woman, and yet after the baby is born things change so quickly! We have this bundle of joy that quite literally sucks the life out of us. For us breastfeeding Momma's that is double the pain and energy. I had to deal with a big change, not only am I a mother now but I also have to get used to being at home 24/7, and not seeing the outside world. I have had a job since I was 15 years old and for 8 years of my life I was working. My postpartum depression did not hit for many months after my daughter was born. After about 6 months I started feeling all alone. My friends and family all lived 2 hours away and my Husband was working non stop so I could stay home. I would cry all the time and pray to meet anybody who was going through what I was. My apartment got smaller everyday and feeling like a woman was no longer an option. I was a milk cow, with unbrushed hair and bags under my eyes. I looked horrible and felt horrible. I had no contact to the outside world, because I was stuck inside all day with no car, no money, and no place to go! It soon became apparent that something was going to have to change, because I could not go on living like this. Not long after, I started going online, and chatting with friends, doing the whole Myspace thing. I stumbled upon a forum that was made just for Moms. It's called CafeMom and I found many Mothers going through the same thing I was. There were even groups of mom's from my area who did play dates and girls night out. I soon became a very active member of Cafemom and started getting involved in the playdates. After a months or so I forgot about my feelings of depression and had something to look forward to. I would log on to my forum every morning and post my thoughts of the day and read about the upcoming events, then go back to my daily routine. All the ladies I have met have been so wonderful, they are all about the same age as me and have kids around the same age as my daughter. It became my outlet, if i was frustrated I could call up one of my new friends or just vent on the forum. My depression was slowing disappearing and I felt happy again. Another big help for me to overcome my Postpartum was moving into a bigger apartment. Where we lived was small and dark, so I felt like I was in a cave. However the new apartment was bigger, brighter and had a homey feel. Once we moved into a new place a big weight lifted and I felt happy again. People started visiting more, family came to stay the night, friends would come and hang out for hours, and for the 1st time I felt like I was home. Not just renting an apartment from somebody! Having friends and family around really helped me get out of my funk, also having an outlet to the outside world through cafe mom was a big help. Staying at home was a lot to get used to but the truth is I would not change it for anything. I love the time I get to spend with my daughter and although times may be tough right now I know being at home with her is the best gift I can give. You can over come your depression, you just have to pray and find your outlet, find what makes you happy. Give yourself some ME time, without it you will go crazy. Mom's night out are so much fun and that one night can help you get through the entire week. Keep thinking positivity and let God guide you. I know you can overcome it, because I did! Here is the link to Cafemom I know you'll love it

This is my opinion and I am not receiving any compensation from Cafe mom.

Sheena Diane Matos

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Robert Pattinson VS Twilight

As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga. It seems strange to me because I see all these young girls going crazy over the Twilight movie and here I am an adult, doing the same thing. I loved the Harry Potter series and bought all the Lord of the rings but Twilight has become my obsession. I don't think I've really ever gotten so involved with anything like this before. I don’t want to make anyone mad with what I am about to say and please note I am a diehard Twilight fan myself however; these are my thoughts on the actor Robert Pattinson.
As an actor, I think Robert Pattinson has found his niche with being a vampire. Seeing him play other roles is not the same as watching him be Edward. He brings a special quality to Edward that I don’t think anyone else could have brought. I, among all the others out there have fallen in love with Edward the character, but not so much Robert. I personally don’t think Robert is that great looking of a guy, but put him in that white make up and give him golden eyes and I will just melt. I am not sure what it is but when I watch Twilight I am fixated on his character, then when I watch him on TV doing an interview, I am just not interested. Don’t get me wrong I know he is a major heart throb, but seriously I am not feeling it. Edward HELL YEAH, Rob not so much! Looking forward to seeing New Moon and check out this girl Hanna Pestle. She can sing and has a song called "Need" that would fit perfect in the New Moon movie.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Baby can read

I am a stay at home mom, and have a two year old daughter. I often worry about teaching her the right things while I’m home with her. About six months ago, I came across a program called “Your baby can read”. It has been by far the best thing that I ever found. In only three weeks my daughter was able to read more than twenty five words. The program has five videos and she is now on the third one. We watched the first video for two months. She loves watching them; we sing the songs and dance. It really is just a fun time and the best part is that my two year old is learning so much. I use flash cards with her, and I’m just so amazed by the progress I have seen in such a short time. Many people may say I am not letting her be a kid and have fun, but the truth is she loves “Your baby can read”. She will even ask for me to do flash cards with her. I found that after watching “Your baby can read” in the mornings, she is eager to learn throughout the day. We will be outside taking a walk and she will ask what things are and want me to show her the words. I truly believe it has helped her memory and ability to pick up on things that most children may miss. I am one hundred percent satisfied with this program and want to recommend it to ALL who have kids. If my mother would have had this when I was young, I honestly believe I would not have had as many problems reading in school as I did. I feel confident that my daughter is learning more everyday because of this wonderful program. If you are not sure about it, then please go check it out for yourself. I know you will be amazed when you see your child start to read for the first time. You may be able to find this at your local library. If you like it (and I know you will) then you can buy the program online at
I have not been paid to write this blog, and I am not getting any recognition from “Your baby can read”. These are my true feelings on this program. I believe it is too amazing to not let everyone know about it. My daughter is all the proof I need to know just how wonderful this program truly is. Go check it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose and a world of knowledge to gain for your child.

Animals have played a big role in my life!

Animals have played such a big role in my life. Ever since I was a child, I have been around animals. I was raised on a small farm, with chickens, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs, an iguana and a pot belly pig. Being an only child, my pets were my best friends. I had a chicken named "Little chirp" he was like a puppy dog. He would let me hold him like a baby and rock him, it was the cutest thing. I loved that chicken. Later on, I got some sugar gliders. I named them Tinkerbell & Peter. Tinkerbell was so sweet & she really helped me deal with losing my father that year. Sugar gliders are very high maintenance. They need fresh fruits and veggies everyday and they have sent glands that smell like a ferret, so I had to clean the cage frequently. After going to college to be a Veterinary Technician, I was not able to spend as much time with them so I had to find my babies a new home. I am happy to report that Peter is now a proud poppa. Having animals in my life seems so normal and my apartment felt empty without any animals to share it with, so I got a rag doll kitten. I named him Skye because he has the most beautiful sky blue eyes. Very soon after, I got a chinchilla who I named Amaya. Amaya was all black and I have to say was the cutest pet I’ve ever had.
While I was in college I met my husband at an animal park wresting an alligator. I’ll tell you more about how we met in another blog. After dating for a year and a half we got married in the very place we met. He was allergic to cats so I had to give my Skye to my mom. He is a fat and happy cat now and my mom loves him so much. Not long after we found out we were expecting a baby. As a Christmas gift we were given a puppy. We named her Jovie and she is the best doggy ever. She Is a mixed terrier. My husband does dog training and so our doggy is very well behaved. Amaya did not like Jovie very much and anytime the puppy would go by her cage, she would grab her poop & bedding then throw it at Jovie. It was so funny to watch but with a new baby on the way we decided Amaya would have to go. I was so sad but I knew it was the best thing. I then got a dumbo rat. I named her Pooka and she was so sweet. She would sit on my shoulder and give me kisses. I could not believe how smart she was. I was surprised to see how fun a pet rat could be. It only took me a few days to potty train her in a litter box. Rats are very easy to take care of and very loving. However after a few months we found out my Husband was also allergic to rats, so I had to give her away as well. Mean while my husband had his own collection of pets. A bearded dragon named Sparky, a tarantula named Harry, 2 ball pythons Stitch & Bob, a milk snake, albino rat snake named Zero, a horned toad lizard named Jack, a sulcata tortoise, fish, 3 leopard geckos named Leo, Sassy and Meme, hermit crabs, and not to mention a baby gator once in a while, when he had to do a night event. Don’t worry, after our daughter was born we gave away a lot of our reptiles and now all we have is our dog Jovie & a few fish tanks.
I have always had a love for animals, no matter what the species, and they have had a great deal to do with my life. If I would have never gone to college to be a Vet Tech then, I may have never met my husband and had our beautiful daughter.
If you know how to properly care for your pets, they can bring you so much joy & help you live a more rewarding life. Caring for a pets is a wonderful feeling, and I love being surrounded by them. Maybe it’s because I’m a country girl & love nature but, that’s just how I feel about it. I would absolutely love to one day have a wildlife reserve and be able to rehabilitate animals. I would be an animal rescuer & would love every minute of it. Animals have played such a big part in my life, from a child to an adult and they are still a part of my life even now!

Monday, July 6, 2009

We have Love!

As the world keeps spinning & I look at my life I see so much love surrounding me from my friends and family & I am so happy. Yet the world is falling apart all around us. The rich are now poor & most of us have nothing to give anymore. I know it's hard to find love in a world so full of hate but I am praying that we all find peace. I recently had someone try to start a war between me and a good friend just so they could cause drama & i look around & wonder why it is so important to some people to cause problems where there is none? Don't we have enough to worry about in these times? I thank God for all he has given me, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table & I am able to stay home & be with my baby girl. We don't have a lot but we have Love. So many people have lost their jobs, their homes & have no where to turn. It makes me want to cry to think of all those people. I know God is watching over us all but he must be wondering when people are going to open the door and let him come in. It seems like hope gets further away but maybe we all should be praying. This is the year that so many hands are empty, where charity can not even come to our rescue. So many people getting robbed, getting beaten, getting raped right in their own home. Just because of hate. Why spread more? Can't we all just stand together & believe that we can all help each other instead of hurt one another? We are all broken but we have each other so don't spread more hate. Blessings will come if you believe they will. Something has to change! Not only a new president but new life to those around us. Be thankful you have what you do. Love one another & hold on to your family. I am hurt that some people feel it's more important to spread lies & filth about people who are not even around them. We are all hungry for peace so instead of pain & anger lets turn around & see that we are all equal. Peace Love & Happiness. The Hippies had it right & I wish we could all live as care free & love one another as they did back in the 60's. Has so much changed that people don't care about one another anymore? I guess so! Does God even have any children to come back for? I am going to keep praying because I know there is good out there, somewhere.