Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Sunshine (Poem for my Mom)

As the morning sun begins to rise, and light touches the earth
This is God's sign of rebirth
Today is a new day, and we have the gift of life
Let us remember to let go of our strife
If my mom taught me one thing
It would be to love each other and give glory to the King
She loved her Jesus more than anything
I know now she is beside him with her angel wings
As hard as it is to not have her here
I find comfort knowing she is still near
I can't imagine not hearing her voice
But as life has it, I have no choice
She prepared me as much as she could
Showing me that even through hard times, life is still good
She brought joy no matter where she went
Her uplifting spirit was so heaven sent
If you needed a friend to talk to
she would be the one to listen to you.
Her passing was so unexpected
I guess it's how you know her and the Lord were so connected
It was quick, and she was gone in an instant
with no suffering and no resistance
When she saw the light she knew what to do
Her spirit saw Jesus and she just flew
All who knew my mom
knows she lived her life like a psalm
She praised Jesus night and day
I know he did not want her to suffer in this way
Her passing is hard on us all
But when her heart gave, he answered the call
She did not want to be sick and frail
She wanted to be remembered for the happy tales
This is so hard for me to say goodbye
She is my best friend and I might always cry
On this day I have to say to you
Let us remember her legacy that God's love is true
Life on earth is so very short
don't waste another minute holding a grudge or snort
Let her passing be a window to love one another
All she ever wanted was for us all to be sisters and brothers
I know this is hard
All of our hearts have been scarred
Her Sunshine is a lesson to us all
She gave love, laughter, and fun even when we'd fall
Carol Ann broke the mold
She was beyond what this world could hold.
A being so loving and true
No one ever knew what she was going to do
Let us reflect on the great fun we had
She would not want us all to be sad.
You know my mom is looking down on us still
No matter what happens I know she always will.
My kid's have learned so much from her through the years
Somehow she prepared them, and they have no more tears
They tell me you are an angel with beautiful wings
How you told them of Heaven and all the wonderful things
Mommy, I love you so much it's true
I don't know how to do this life without you.
I know you are watching from up above
I can see your sunshine through my kids love
You taught them so much
I am forever grateful for your touch
Never forgotten this is true
We will always remember you!