Sunday, July 12, 2009


My daughter is two years old and I still have my baby weight. I’ve tried diets but the truth is, I just can’t stick with them. Finally after having to go out yet again, to buy bigger clothes I decided NO MORE!
I am tired of being heavy and I hate the way I look. It’s never going to change unless I change it so… Here I go. I am bond and determined to lose weight. I am not changing my diet per say. I am however trying to eat less. I am getting up early every morning to do thirty minutes of exercise or jogging, and taking multi vitamins.
Who wants to join me on my quest? It’s always more fun when you have people to support each other. Become a follower and leave me a comment. Let’s do this together.

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Kelly said...

we can support and encourage one another! i've lost(and more importantly kept OFF)almost 25 pounds since my spinal fusion surgery 4 months ago.and even more if i count back to last october,but i'm not! lol

losing it isn't as hard as keeping it lost,for me anyways. this is the longest i have kept off a significant amount of weight.i have reached a stand still next goal is 14 pounds away,the weight i was before i got pregnant with child number one and again with child number 2.

my ultimate goal that is probably a pipe dream without surgical intervention(lol),is to lose a total of 90 pounds,only 53 more to lose!! ugh