Friday, March 19, 2010

Intimacy during pregnancy.

Last night I had my very first “nine months” moment. If you have never watched the movie nine months you really should, because it is funny, and if you are pregnant you will be able to understand everything she is going through. Well to get a bit personal, last night my dear husband and I were playing around, when all of a sudden the baby starts kicking me. I tried to ignore it, but since we were still in the playful stages I decided to just lay his hand on my belly, Sasha started kicking his hand hard. I had to laugh, and my hubby just looked at me all weird. I said “Well she was kicking me, and I could not concentrate, so maybe we can just lay here and feel her kick”! He says “Yeah that’s just as good”, a line right out of the movie Nine Months. So funny, and needless to say it ruined the mood. She is already interrupting and she is not even born yet. A sure sign of what’s to come.

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