Saturday, October 9, 2010


Have you ever just stopped long enough to take a look at your life, the before, and the after? The other day I watched a video that took me back to a time in my past that was very unhappy for me. It made me look at my life now, and made me so thankful that I chose the right path, and did not continue to follow the wrong one. When we are young, we all have to make mistakes. It’s what makes us who we are as adults. I dated a guy when I was a teenager who was not Mr. Perfect to say the least. I went through some very hard times back then, and suffered great pain because of it. The sad part is I stayed for 3 years, and felt I deserved the punishment. As I am now an adult, wife, mother of 2 girls, I look at my past, and thank God for helping me see the light. For not letting me fall into the gap that has so many trapped. I look at the blessings I have now. I have my loving husband who would never raise his hand to me, my 2 daughters who are so loving and smart. I have my mother who is my best friend, and prayer partner. I have my friends who have always been there to support me no matter how much they disagreed with my decisions. And above all, I have always had God guiding me, walking me through the darkness. Shining his everlasting light when I felt there was none. If I would not have gone through the tough times, then I would never know how wonderful of a life I have now. Sometimes you have to go through HELL to get to HEAVEN!
Thank you Lord for all your blessings! Thank you for keeping me safe when fear surrounded me, and for giving me the strength to walk away and start a new life. You are my all, and I give you all the glory. If you are going through tough times, there is always a way out. Do not let fear over power you. You know what is best for you, and sometimes “love” can be misleading. Listen to God and you will forever be happy!

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