Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shroud of Turin

Easter has just passed, and as a result I've really been filling up my days with scripture and digging deep into all things Jesus.

One thing that has always fascinated me was the Shroud of Turin. It's one of those marvelous things that we may never know if it's truly our Jesus but to me it's something left behind to give us hope, and keep us believing. Tonight I listened to a very interesting podcast about the Shroud and I will post it here for those who want to listen.

After listening to the podcast and Googling the images of the shroud again, another image popped into my head. At the beginning of this month as I was studying online about Jesus, I came across a website for an amazing artist. She is a child prodigy and is known for her incredibly detailed paintings of Jesus. I loved her 'Prince of Peace' painting so much that I used it as my screen saver on my computer. Her name is Akiana. Here is a link to her site.

Okay so as I am picturing the imprinted image of Jesus on this shroud, I am also picturing the image that Akiana painted. So that made me curious. Scientist whom analyzed this cloth Jesus was wrapped in also developed images of what the face of the man wrapped in this cloth would look like. Here is what they believe that man would look like, and then take a look at Akiana painting of Jesus... I tell you honestly I have chills!

This makes me feel that the shroud was wrapped around my Jesus. That when he was resurrected on that third day, that his image was forever stained into the cloth for all of us to witness the miracle that happened on that day. So that so many centuries later you and I could see it, and believe. Jesus is alive, he has risen and he existed! He walked the earth as the bible describes and yes he did die for our sins, but was brought back to life to fulfill all the prophecies.
How amazing! Today his image still remains in this shroud and no one can describe how!

Here is what the full Shroud of Turin looks like. It has the front image on the cloth as well as the back image.

This is so amazing to me. It makes me love him even more to know he left something for all of us to see and know he is alive!

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