Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Washes #3 and #4

Wash number 3 - I decided to not use any baking soda. My hair began to feel very dry and hard to even brush. I used only the vinegar water solution. My hair indeed felt softer, and was much easier to brush. I still was not seeing the shine I got from shampoos but at least my hair is manageable now. Wash number 4 - I increased my amount of baking soda, and this time rubbed it in my hands to make it like a paste before applying it to my head. I am still not getting the slick feeling the other blogs have talked about though. Then I did the vinegar solution to my ends and lightly on top of my head and sides. After the 4th wash, I have to say my hair had a lot of body, and actually started to curl a little. I have naturally straight hair that only gets wavy with products, but today my hair had a natural wave, and it looked as if I spent time doing my hair this morning. The texture of my hair is still dryer than normal but it feels more like I put hair spray or moose in it. So it is starting to look and feel better. I actually got 3 complements on my hair at work, so that restores my faith a bit!

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