Monday, May 27, 2013

Wash # 5 and #6

I am still only able to go no more than 3 days without washing my hair. No different then with regular shampoo. I do like the fact that I have way more body in my hair, however it's so hard to brush. It gets tangled so quickly and I do notice white powder from the baking soda on my brush. Wash #5. It still looked very dry, but it did have some nice waves going on. That's really the only positive thing I've seen so far. Most of the time my hair does not look very good, and I have been keeping it back in a pony tale most of the time to avoid the looks. Wash #6 was so greasy after I was done that I looked horrible. I did not change anything except that this time I left the vinegar spray in my hair a little longer, because I was shaving. The next day my husband wanted to take the family out to eat. I was getting dressed up all nice, and getting ready for a nice evening out. Before we left he leaned in to kiss me and put his fingers in my hair, and quickly jerked away and said, are you going to wash your hair before we go! That was it, that was my last straw with this experiment!!!! I only had 1 good day out of the entire month trial and good may be an exaggeration, because my hair was still dry and dull looking, but it had nice curls on wash # 4! I work in a school and the way I look is very important. I don't want to have nappy (yes nappy) looking hair for all the parents and students to see before school ends. So I gave into my old shampoo and .... My hair feels amazing again. It's fluffy, and silky, not tangled or knotted. I will miss the body but there are products for that. I know I wanted to go more natural but this project did not work for me. No poo is not for me! On to my next experiment! HENNA (Stay tuned) !

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