Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Animals have played a big role in my life!

Animals have played such a big role in my life. Ever since I was a child, I have been around animals. I was raised on a small farm, with chickens, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs, an iguana and a pot belly pig. Being an only child, my pets were my best friends. I had a chicken named "Little chirp" he was like a puppy dog. He would let me hold him like a baby and rock him, it was the cutest thing. I loved that chicken. Later on, I got some sugar gliders. I named them Tinkerbell & Peter. Tinkerbell was so sweet & she really helped me deal with losing my father that year. Sugar gliders are very high maintenance. They need fresh fruits and veggies everyday and they have sent glands that smell like a ferret, so I had to clean the cage frequently. After going to college to be a Veterinary Technician, I was not able to spend as much time with them so I had to find my babies a new home. I am happy to report that Peter is now a proud poppa. Having animals in my life seems so normal and my apartment felt empty without any animals to share it with, so I got a rag doll kitten. I named him Skye because he has the most beautiful sky blue eyes. Very soon after, I got a chinchilla who I named Amaya. Amaya was all black and I have to say was the cutest pet I’ve ever had.
While I was in college I met my husband at an animal park wresting an alligator. I’ll tell you more about how we met in another blog. After dating for a year and a half we got married in the very place we met. He was allergic to cats so I had to give my Skye to my mom. He is a fat and happy cat now and my mom loves him so much. Not long after we found out we were expecting a baby. As a Christmas gift we were given a puppy. We named her Jovie and she is the best doggy ever. She Is a mixed terrier. My husband does dog training and so our doggy is very well behaved. Amaya did not like Jovie very much and anytime the puppy would go by her cage, she would grab her poop & bedding then throw it at Jovie. It was so funny to watch but with a new baby on the way we decided Amaya would have to go. I was so sad but I knew it was the best thing. I then got a dumbo rat. I named her Pooka and she was so sweet. She would sit on my shoulder and give me kisses. I could not believe how smart she was. I was surprised to see how fun a pet rat could be. It only took me a few days to potty train her in a litter box. Rats are very easy to take care of and very loving. However after a few months we found out my Husband was also allergic to rats, so I had to give her away as well. Mean while my husband had his own collection of pets. A bearded dragon named Sparky, a tarantula named Harry, 2 ball pythons Stitch & Bob, a milk snake, albino rat snake named Zero, a horned toad lizard named Jack, a sulcata tortoise, fish, 3 leopard geckos named Leo, Sassy and Meme, hermit crabs, and not to mention a baby gator once in a while, when he had to do a night event. Don’t worry, after our daughter was born we gave away a lot of our reptiles and now all we have is our dog Jovie & a few fish tanks.
I have always had a love for animals, no matter what the species, and they have had a great deal to do with my life. If I would have never gone to college to be a Vet Tech then, I may have never met my husband and had our beautiful daughter.
If you know how to properly care for your pets, they can bring you so much joy & help you live a more rewarding life. Caring for a pets is a wonderful feeling, and I love being surrounded by them. Maybe it’s because I’m a country girl & love nature but, that’s just how I feel about it. I would absolutely love to one day have a wildlife reserve and be able to rehabilitate animals. I would be an animal rescuer & would love every minute of it. Animals have played such a big part in my life, from a child to an adult and they are still a part of my life even now!

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