Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Baby can read

I am a stay at home mom, and have a two year old daughter. I often worry about teaching her the right things while I’m home with her. About six months ago, I came across a program called “Your baby can read”. It has been by far the best thing that I ever found. In only three weeks my daughter was able to read more than twenty five words. The program has five videos and she is now on the third one. We watched the first video for two months. She loves watching them; we sing the songs and dance. It really is just a fun time and the best part is that my two year old is learning so much. I use flash cards with her, and I’m just so amazed by the progress I have seen in such a short time. Many people may say I am not letting her be a kid and have fun, but the truth is she loves “Your baby can read”. She will even ask for me to do flash cards with her. I found that after watching “Your baby can read” in the mornings, she is eager to learn throughout the day. We will be outside taking a walk and she will ask what things are and want me to show her the words. I truly believe it has helped her memory and ability to pick up on things that most children may miss. I am one hundred percent satisfied with this program and want to recommend it to ALL who have kids. If my mother would have had this when I was young, I honestly believe I would not have had as many problems reading in school as I did. I feel confident that my daughter is learning more everyday because of this wonderful program. If you are not sure about it, then please go check it out for yourself. I know you will be amazed when you see your child start to read for the first time. You may be able to find this at your local library. If you like it (and I know you will) then you can buy the program online at
I have not been paid to write this blog, and I am not getting any recognition from “Your baby can read”. These are my true feelings on this program. I believe it is too amazing to not let everyone know about it. My daughter is all the proof I need to know just how wonderful this program truly is. Go check it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose and a world of knowledge to gain for your child.

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Kelly said...

i sat up at like 2am today watchng the infomercial on this! lol it looks pretty convincing but they never told you the full price,only the price of a 30 day trial. may i ask what you paid???

my 8yr old loves to read NOW but he struggled and fought us while he was grasping the concept.he finally started to read well in 1st grade. my 4 yr old is already reading some words,which impresses me!!