Friday, July 10, 2009

Postpartum Depression

Having a baby is the most exciting, and wonderful thing that could ever happen to a woman, and yet after the baby is born things change so quickly! We have this bundle of joy that quite literally sucks the life out of us. For us breastfeeding Momma's that is double the pain and energy. I had to deal with a big change, not only am I a mother now but I also have to get used to being at home 24/7, and not seeing the outside world. I have had a job since I was 15 years old and for 8 years of my life I was working. My postpartum depression did not hit for many months after my daughter was born. After about 6 months I started feeling all alone. My friends and family all lived 2 hours away and my Husband was working non stop so I could stay home. I would cry all the time and pray to meet anybody who was going through what I was. My apartment got smaller everyday and feeling like a woman was no longer an option. I was a milk cow, with unbrushed hair and bags under my eyes. I looked horrible and felt horrible. I had no contact to the outside world, because I was stuck inside all day with no car, no money, and no place to go! It soon became apparent that something was going to have to change, because I could not go on living like this. Not long after, I started going online, and chatting with friends, doing the whole Myspace thing. I stumbled upon a forum that was made just for Moms. It's called CafeMom and I found many Mothers going through the same thing I was. There were even groups of mom's from my area who did play dates and girls night out. I soon became a very active member of Cafemom and started getting involved in the playdates. After a months or so I forgot about my feelings of depression and had something to look forward to. I would log on to my forum every morning and post my thoughts of the day and read about the upcoming events, then go back to my daily routine. All the ladies I have met have been so wonderful, they are all about the same age as me and have kids around the same age as my daughter. It became my outlet, if i was frustrated I could call up one of my new friends or just vent on the forum. My depression was slowing disappearing and I felt happy again. Another big help for me to overcome my Postpartum was moving into a bigger apartment. Where we lived was small and dark, so I felt like I was in a cave. However the new apartment was bigger, brighter and had a homey feel. Once we moved into a new place a big weight lifted and I felt happy again. People started visiting more, family came to stay the night, friends would come and hang out for hours, and for the 1st time I felt like I was home. Not just renting an apartment from somebody! Having friends and family around really helped me get out of my funk, also having an outlet to the outside world through cafe mom was a big help. Staying at home was a lot to get used to but the truth is I would not change it for anything. I love the time I get to spend with my daughter and although times may be tough right now I know being at home with her is the best gift I can give. You can over come your depression, you just have to pray and find your outlet, find what makes you happy. Give yourself some ME time, without it you will go crazy. Mom's night out are so much fun and that one night can help you get through the entire week. Keep thinking positivity and let God guide you. I know you can overcome it, because I did! Here is the link to Cafemom I know you'll love it

This is my opinion and I am not receiving any compensation from Cafe mom.

Sheena Diane Matos

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A Squeaky Foot said...

nicely written! i have some great links for dealing with ppd that you can read here: they helped me A LOT after the birth of my 3rd child in 2007.mine was late onset this time,as was yours so it hit me off guard big time!!