Monday, July 6, 2009

We have Love!

As the world keeps spinning & I look at my life I see so much love surrounding me from my friends and family & I am so happy. Yet the world is falling apart all around us. The rich are now poor & most of us have nothing to give anymore. I know it's hard to find love in a world so full of hate but I am praying that we all find peace. I recently had someone try to start a war between me and a good friend just so they could cause drama & i look around & wonder why it is so important to some people to cause problems where there is none? Don't we have enough to worry about in these times? I thank God for all he has given me, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table & I am able to stay home & be with my baby girl. We don't have a lot but we have Love. So many people have lost their jobs, their homes & have no where to turn. It makes me want to cry to think of all those people. I know God is watching over us all but he must be wondering when people are going to open the door and let him come in. It seems like hope gets further away but maybe we all should be praying. This is the year that so many hands are empty, where charity can not even come to our rescue. So many people getting robbed, getting beaten, getting raped right in their own home. Just because of hate. Why spread more? Can't we all just stand together & believe that we can all help each other instead of hurt one another? We are all broken but we have each other so don't spread more hate. Blessings will come if you believe they will. Something has to change! Not only a new president but new life to those around us. Be thankful you have what you do. Love one another & hold on to your family. I am hurt that some people feel it's more important to spread lies & filth about people who are not even around them. We are all hungry for peace so instead of pain & anger lets turn around & see that we are all equal. Peace Love & Happiness. The Hippies had it right & I wish we could all live as care free & love one another as they did back in the 60's. Has so much changed that people don't care about one another anymore? I guess so! Does God even have any children to come back for? I am going to keep praying because I know there is good out there, somewhere.

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