Saturday, February 6, 2010

Changing your stars!

We live our whole lives in a daze, programmed to never see anything but what's in front of us. Lately I have been wondering what would happen if I changed my mind set. I fear a lot of things. One big thing is change. My husband and I are stuck in the mindset of, in order to get a head we have to start a business. However I am finding that no matter how many businesses we try to start, without the right mindset they all fall! As a freelance writer, I am trying to branch out and do things I may not have thought of before. I was raised to sit on my money, put it in savings, or hold on to it for a rainy day, but that never gives me more then what I started with. I have to learn to give in to change and take some risk in order to change our situation. Otherwise we will stay right where we are, never getting ahead in life. My parents were middle class, as were my husbands, and we are taught to live that way. I want to be the one that changes that pattern for my kids. I am determined to be a success, and if that means I have to learn the investing market, then so be it!
I am tired of living in my parents shadow and not getting ahead. I want a nice home that I own, and not have to rent anymore. I want a big yard where my kids can play with the dogs. I would like to have my own vehicle that runs and is actually new, and above all I want the financial freedom to give my kids the things I never had.
It can happen right? As of this moment I am going to change my mindset from a poor brain to a rich one. Not sure how yet, but no longer will I fear money or hate it, or horde it away to never be touched. I have to let go of all those fears in order to have a better life!
I can do this! I know I can! I want to make something of myself, and prove this country girl can change her stars!


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