Monday, February 7, 2011

A journey to adulthood

I long for my childhood
It happens when you grow
It’s hard to find yourself
When a child inside is all you know
How do we distinguish
A being so dignified
As becoming an adult
You have to be so signified
It’s hard to make the connection
Am I doing things alright
These questions fill my head
So I just have to write
All my thought and emotions
Go into the words I say
This is me trying to decide
How I will be one day
When you are young
Things are just so simply
The only thing we worry about
Is how to pop that pimple?
Now that I’m an adult
I get so caught up in life
Not noticing the little things
Just being a mother and a wife
So here I am to say
I have no idea how to be grown
But I try a little more each day
And it’s the greatest feeling I’ve even known!
Written by: Sheena Diane "Feb 07, 2011"~

1 comment:

Johnny Matos said...

Life sure seemed easier when we were young, doesn't it?
Alas, hindsight is always 20/20.
The transition needs to be dealt with like an alcoholic deals with his addiction. One day at a time. If an alcoholic thinks about a lifetime with no drink, it will drive him insane. However, one day? Today? That he can handle. He can get through one day with no alcohol. A strange example, I know, but growing up is a lot like that. If you think of all the responsibilities you now face, and that you will face for the rest of your life, it will make you mad. However, if you just try to get by today, it seems manageable.
One day at a time.