Thursday, February 3, 2011

Serenity Lost!

My head is pounding.
The pain is astounding.
I can’t seem to function.
What is my malfunction?
I need serenity
instead of anxiety.
I want to lie in bed
but inside I feel dead.
It’s like I’m not here.
At any moment I could disappear.
Nothing seems to be right.
I can’t even sleep through the night.
Stress is over powering me.
When will the clouds clear so I can see?
Being pulled so many ways.
It’s like I’m in a maze.
Never finding the right path.
Sending me on the warpath.
I feel so upside down.
All I can do is frown.
It just hurts so much,
to not want to feel your touch.
Nothing seems to matter.
In my head it’s only clatter.
I want it to go away
so I can be me again today!
Written by: Sheena Diane (Feb 03 2011)

1 comment:

Johnny Matos said...

Poetry is the message of the soul. Let your feelings pour when you feel down. It definitely helps.
And it also provides us with some touching, moving, and powerful poetry, like this. Awesome writing here.