Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Mommies complaint

Clothes are everywhere.
I can’t seem to get things done.
I took it for granted when there was only one.
Now things are crazy.
Toys are here and there.
Everywhere I look, I see teddy bears.
Doing one task takes all day.
Dishes are piled high
The only question in my mind is why oh why?
When will things come together?
I can’t seem to get my groove.
All the other moms seem to do things so smooth.
Does it come with time?
Does it come with age?
When will I get to turn to another page?
I can’t seem to figure it out
No motivation to pick up the broom
Why can’t I just want to clean the room?
Always getting interrupted
I have to start and stop
The phone is ringing, now I have to put down the mop.
It’s a never ended story
Lunch, dinner, potty time, with very little glory
My hair is a mess
I need to get some sleep
But I must get the broom and start to sweep
Another day, with nothing done
As the cycle starts anew
Got to end this poem for now, need to clean up some more pooh!

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